Living document prepared and kept current for MMHCA by:

Dr. Sue Schaeffer,Co-Chair of MMHCA Public Policy Committee, Author of PA 96

Dr. Irene Ametrano, Co-Chair of MMHCA Public Policy Committee, Author of PA 96

James Blundo, LPC, MMHCA Executive Director

Napoleon Harrington, LPC, MMHCA President

Andrea Cascarilla, Legislative Director for Acuitas (Government relations firm employed by MMHCA)

NOTE:   PA 96 of 2019 is not the entire counseling licensure law.   It only represents the parts of the current law that have been changed.  The current law is Part 181 Counseling (Sec. 333.18101 – 333.18117) of the Public Health Code.  In the responses below, any references to a section that does not appear in PA 96 can be found in Part 181 of the Michigan Public Health Code.

Link to Part 181 of the MI Public Health Code

Please read PA 96 for more information.   Link to PA 96


Link to PA 96 (formerly HB 4325) Frequently Asked Questions