The new Administrative Rules were filed with the Secretary of State and went into effect on April 26, 2023.

Here is a link to the new rule set (R 338.1751-R 338.1781)

MMHCA has highlighted changes from the previous rule set that you should be aware of.  Note that we are not reviewing all the rules, just changes.

Supervisor Requirements

338.1751(f):  Defines “supervisor” as a Licensed Professional Counselor who has received training in counseling supervision (as defined later in the Rules 338.1781)

338.1751(g): Supervisors must be licensed as professional counselors in Michigan and satisfy requirements to be a supervisor.  If the supervisor is out-of-state, they must substantially meet the requirements for a professional counselor license and counselor supervisor in Michigan.

338.1774 (2):  For Michigan LLPCs, the supervisor must be a Michigan licensed professional counselor in good standing throughout the period of supervision

338.1781(c):  Supervisors beginning to supervise after May 5, 2022 must have acquired not less than 5 years of post-master’s experience in the practice of counseling

Supervision Requirements

338.1774 (c)(i) and (ii):  Allows 100 percent of face-to-face supervision hours to be virtual if they allow 2-way real-time audiovisual technology that allows direct contemporaneous interaction supervision by sight and sound between supervisor and supervisee. (Be aware that this requirement requires that you see and hear the supervisee in real time.)

338 .1774 (c)(i) and (ii):  Clarifies that LLPCs must be supervised from the time their limited license (LLPC) is issued until their LPC license is issued.

LLPC Applications

338.1772 (d):  Requires that LLPC applicants submit a separate statement identifying their supervisor and the supervisor’s qualifications, including how that supervisor satisfies Michigan requirements to be a supervisor.

338.1777 (4): Hardship exemptions for extending the 10-year period that a limited license may be held are clarified.  The process and timeline for such requests, as well as the information the request must include, are explained.


338.1758. Specifies new requirements for providing telehealth services.