It has come to our attention that many LPCs are providing counseling services through
telehealth companies. Some of these companies have indicated that they will “take
care of the intake process.” However, Michigan law (Section 333.18113 of the Michigan
Public Health Code) requires that prior to starting counseling, LPCs provide their clients
with a Professional Disclosure Statement (PDS) that provides the client with the name,
address and phone number of the counselor, the education and experience of the
counselor, a description of the counselor’s practice, the counselor’s fee schedule, and
the LARA contact information where they would file a complaint if necessary. This
statement is required to be submitted to LARA to be granted licensure as an LPC or
LLPC and any changes made to it must be submitted to LARA within 30 days of the
If an LPC or LLPC does not provide this information to the client as required by the
Michigan Public Health Code, they are in violation of the law and disciplinary action
could be taken against their license. MMHCA is concerned that some LPCs might not
be aware that they still have this obligation even if they are working with a telehealth
company, and might be putting their licenses at risk.