MMHCA STATEMENT in Response to Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order to Today to “Stay Home, Stay Safe”, 3/23/20 (link below):

Jim Blundo, Executive Director of MMHCA
“Attention members and friends. MMHCA’s statement may contradict other things you have heard. Our information has been vetted by many sources. MMHCA takes good care to make sure our advice is not only timely but also accurate.

We don’t have anything regarding LPCs specifically referenced in the Governor’s statement today. The federal CISA guidelines really only talk about frontline workers and more so in the hospital setting. Social workers are referenced there but not LPCs. The Governor’s Stay at Home Order details what you can and can’t do. It clearly states that “any businesses that are not necessary to sustain or protect life must temporarily suspend in-person operations.” Given she’s authorized Telemental Health (Please consult the article posted from Donna Craig JD regarding appropriate permission for providing Telemental Health in link below).

We think unless someone’s life is endangered (suicidal, etc) the practice should not be to continue with in-person sessions.

In order to make sure you understand the dire situation, we are sharing some statistics the Governor used in her rationale for the Stay at Home order.”

The state now has 1,232 confirmed cases of COVID-19, up from 1,035 confirmed as of Sunday. Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, the state’s chief medical executive, said the number of deaths in Michigan from the disease has hit 15, up from eight Sunday morning.

If the state stays on its current trajectory, 70 percent of Michigan residents will get the disease, or 7 million people. One million will need hospitalization.

The state has only 25,000 acute care beds.

“Too many people are still out and about unnecessarily,” Ms. Whitmer said at a news conference. “So we must do more.”

Link for the source to the official federal government’s guidelines Michigan is following.…/1fHwj8MxwnFd4xxWKsM1J_wAon…/view…

Link for the Governor’s Executive Order to “Stay Home, Stay Safe” –…/0,9309,7-387-90499_90640-522625-…

Link to Donna Craig’s (Attorney who works with MMHCA) article regarding permission to provide Telemental Health.…/…