MMHCA partners with State of Michigan

to create COVID-19 Mental Health Hotline!!!

You can help!

Please read, complete, and submit this MMHCA Survey by COB Monday, April 6th.

Go to “Survey Monkey” for the Survey:

MMHCA – Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association is directly engaged with MDHHS, our State Lobbyist Andrea Cascarilla, and Governor Whitmer’s office to quickly develop a mental health support component for the State’s COVID-19 Hotline.

MMHCA dedicates this initiative to Representative Isaac Robinson who passed away due to suspected COVID-19 complications.  He was a strong supporter of LPCs and invaluable with passage of HB 4325-PA19 of 2019.

Michigan needs your help! Are you willing and able to provide services to your fellow Michiganders? This may range from crisis hotline volunteering services to client referral for Telehealth therapy.

If you are interested:

Please quickly complete and submit the questionnaire by COB on Monday, April 6th.

Go to “Survey Monkey”