Dr. Amidon, Donald A., LPC

Address: 1534 Woodland Drive, Portage,MI 49024

Phone: 269-651-9579

Galbreath, Sharon Cipriano, MA, LLP, LPC, ACS

Address: 148 North Riverview Drive, Parchment, MI  49004  (P.O. Box 188)

Phone: 269-382-5343

Email: iac@sharonciprianogalbreath.com

Populations Served: Children & Mothers (2 years through adolescents); individuals; couples; I am an Attachment Therapist and also work with biological, foster, and adoptive parents in securing a loving attachment with their children.

Services Offered: Spiritual Mentoring; Sandtray Work; Art Therapy; Sound Therapy; and Acudetox treatment for substance abuse; LLPC Supervision

Specialities & Certifications: NADA Certified; Sound Therapy Certification

Other Information: I am an artist and paint & display, as time allows. Please visit my website at sharonciprianogalbreath.com and read some of my articles and art. I am dedicated to working with people at their pace and to assist families toward loving engagement.

Geppert, Alida L., LPC

Address: 6462 Caddam Wood Avenue, Kalamazoo,MI 49009

Phone: 269-343-1651ext 133    Fax: (269) 345-7190

Specialty:  Substance abuse and addiction counseling.

Age Groups:  Adults

Glindmeyer, Jeffrey R., PhD, LPC

Address: P O Box 19155, Kalamazoo,MI 49019

Phone: 269 342-8977

Logan, Tara, MA, LLMFT, LLPC

Phone: 269-422-0565

Email: Ntlogan112@gmail.com


Populations Served: Couples, Families, Adolescents, Children, and Adults of all ages, ethnic, and gender backgrounds.

Services Offered: Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy.

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship difficulties, life transitions, and Trauma.

Loudin, Judith K., MA, LPC

Woman Care, Inc.

Address: 309 W. Walnut Street, Kalamazoo,MI 49007

Phone: 616-388-4477

Specialties:  Women’s issues, couples work (Imago Therapy), grief/loss, addictive behavior, eating disorders, EMDR certified.

Age Groups Served:  18 and up (including seniors)

Manders, Gennifer, MA, LPC

Phone: 269-203-5388

Email Address: gmanders@me.com

Certifications: LLPC Supervision

Meinke, Suzanne, MA, LPC, LMFT, CAADC, NCC

Address: Kanous and Associates Counseling PLC, 3030 S. 9th Street, Suite 3-E, Kalamazoo, MI  49009

Phone: 269-544-7720 ext. 3

Email: scmeinke@yahoo.com

Populations Served: Couples, Families, Adolescents, Children, and Adults of all cultural backgrounds

Services Offered: Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy, Substance Abuse Evaluations, LLPC Supervision

Specialties & Certifications: Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Acudetox Specialist, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship difficulties, all types of addictions.

Other: Finding the right person to talk to and connect with can be stressful! My goal is to help you reach your goals in a comfortable, warm, and supportive environment; free from judgment and personal agendas. It’s important for us to have a collaborative relationship where you feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions and make the changes that will improve your life. I am passionate about what I do, and look forward to helping you to free yourself from personal conflicts and issues that are weighing you down.

Rudolph, Laurie Scheid, MA, LPC, CAADC, NCC, CCTP

Address: 4017 W. Main Street, Suite 100, Kalamazoo, MI  49006

Telephone: 269-932-4973

Email Address: laurierudolph7@gmail.com

Populations Served: Children, Teens, Adults, Elderly, LGBT

Services Offered: Couples, Individual, Family Counseling; supervision of LLPC’s

Specialties & Certifications: Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Work Issues & School

Other Information:  Counseling-Kalamazoo.com

Steeg, Diane, LPC

Address: 6011 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Telephone: 269-806-0953

Email Address: dsteeg@yahoo.com

Populations Served: Adults and Seniors

Specialties: Substance Use/Addictions; Chronic Pain/Pain Management; Women’s Issues, Menopause

White, Judith, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC, CST

Address: Whole Life Counseling, 426 Solon @ West Main, Kalamazoo, MI  49006

Telephone: 269-353-7607

Email Address:  jwcounseling@aol.com

Website: wholelifecounseling.org

Populations Served: Adults, Couples, all ages at our agency

Services Offered: Individual, Couples, Group Therapy; supervision of LLPC’s

Specialties & Certifications: Wholistic Health Certification; AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Other Information: See website wholelifecounseling.org; call for current group offerings

Williams, Patricia R., L-MSW, BCN-BCIA

Address: 3335 S. 9th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 263, Oshtemo, MI  49077

Telephone:  269-375-0624

Email Address:  info@braintopix.com

Populations Served: Ages 7 through lifespan

Services Offered:  Counseling, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Brain Mapping, qEEG, ADHD evaluations

Specialities and Certifications: Certified Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Certified Holistic Specialist combined with counseling

Other Information: You are the expert on your life. I am here to partner with the navigation. I have been practicing since 1993 and have a wide spectrum practice. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback are often used to enhance awareness and teach self regulation. It is non-invasive, drug-free and covered by many BCBS plans.