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MMHCA provides this listing by County as a service to make it easy for you to locate a Licensed Professional Counselor in an area near you.  MMHCA does not endorse any individual counselor, clinic or organization.  We itemize factors such as specialization, age groups, and more to assist your search, however, it is your responsibility to determine who, if anyone on this list is suitable to meet your needs.  Please report any inappropriate use of this directory to


What is a Licensed Professional Counselor and what can an LPC do?

The Licensed Professional Counselor or “LPC” is a fully licensed mental health provider with a master’s or doctoral degree who is legally allowed to practice independently with both groups and individuals. LPC clinical training and education includes assessment and diagnosis, counseling, and psychotherapeutic techniques and interventions, and is comparable to the education and training for other mental health disciplines. The LPC assists clients in individual, group, and/or family sessions.  LPCs have the right to legally bill insurance Providers for their services and/or to charge a fee for service.

Where do LPC s practice?

LPCs practice in managed care organizations, hospitals, community mental health organizations, professional or private practices, universities, and in other organizations.

Can an LPC provide psychotherapy?

Yes. The LPC practice act (Public Act 421 of 1988) and the Board of Counseling Rules allow for the application of psychotherapy skills and theories in the counseling process.

How can I find a qualified Licensed Professional Counselor?

The Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association has developed a convenient listing to help you locate a qualified counselor in your area. Click on the “Find A Counselor” tab on this page, then click on the county of your preference.

I am moving to Michigan from another state and would like transfer my license to Michigan. How do I do this?

For information on transferring your license from your state to Michigan’s, visit your state government’s website. Follow the links to healthcare licensing. There you should be provided with information about what steps to take and what data you will have to provide in order to transfer your license. You can also view the State of Michigan website at

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