Carson City Correctional (DRF)  would like to share 3 positions their program currently has for  Mental health professionals.  They would need a master’s degree in social work, psychology or counseling as well as a current license to practice in the state of Michigan.  I’m including the link to the positions below and the application can be completed from that link.  This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to make a difference in their communities.  As the hiring supervisor for this location, I’m looking forward to hearing from some MMHCA Members soon!

We are currently hiring for a QMHP- Qualified Mental Health Professional

We are also hiring 2 positions that will be Substance Abuse programming/group focused.

Heather Woodin MA LLP, OPT Unit Chief

Carson City Correctional (DRF)

989-584-3941 ext 2590314