COVID-19 & TELEHEALTH Update provided to the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association by BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF MICHIGAN as of 3-12-2020.

MMHCA wanted to share some information that was shared with BCBS consultants around COVID-19 which may be helpful to you both personally, and in the context of your daily work.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has created a link within the Provider Secured Services Portal (Web-Denis) for ongoing communications from the enterprise as the situation with COVID-19 evolves.  Below BCBS has provided information that will assist you with informing your fellow behavioral health providers updates as it related to Telehealth/Telemedicine.

Only BCBSM and BCN members with telehealth coverage are eligible.

For BCN only: The decision has been made that telemedicine authorizations will not be required for in-network providers going forward. If an in-network, in-state BCN provider calls to request this service, our BCN Behavioral Health Care Management staff will tell them no authorization is required.

If member has the benefit: Yes, we encourage them to consider this option if they are sick because it can reduce infection that could occur at the doctors’ office or hospital.  The members also have the option to use our 24-hour nurse hotline. Bill the appropriate procedure code to reflect the services rendered on your claims and submit the claims as usual to BCBSM or BCN. There is a section in both provider manuals that explains how the claims should be submitted.

If the member does not have the benefit: The member may want to consider our 24-hour nurse line. If the member is sick and it is a nonemergency situation, we recommend the member phone their doctors’ office prior to visiting for further direction.

For members who have the services our 24-hour nurse lines are designated as follows:

PPO (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan) members can contact a nurse at 800-775-BLUE

HMO (Blue Care Network) members can contact a nurse at 855-624-5214

Please encourage your providers to verify the member’s benefits prior to rendering services as all policies are not the same. Consultants are not able to do the following :

  1. Verify members benefits for providers
  2. Advise providers on the appropriate procedure code to reflect the telehealth services rendered to BCBSM or BCN

If a BCBS consultant receives any emails asking for coverage verification, billing guidelines and/or procedure codes for telemedicine the provider will be instructed to refer to the BCBSM or BCN provider manual. As we are not able to provide this information to the providers.