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Your donations will help support MMHCA with lobbying efforts in Lansing. MMHCA is lobbying to both protect and advance the profession with the legislature and bureaucratic systems in the state of Michigan. If you wish to donate to MMHCA please use the Donate button below.  Or, if you prefer, click here: 2016 PDF MMHCA DONATION FORM for a Downloadable MMHCA Donation Form.

We thank you for your contributions as we strive to make an impact in Michigan!




1. Donate $100 to fund our legislative initiate to update our scope of practice. (DONATE button above)

2. Join MMHCA if you are not already a member. (Join MMHCA Page)

3. Renew your membership if it has expired.  (Join MMHCA Page)

4. Be ready to contact your Congressional Representative and our Senators, when asked, to enlist their support for the inclusion of LPCs in Medicare. We are on the verge of another major effort.

This fall a bill will be introduced in our State legislature to update our scope of practice in our licensure law as part of the portability initiative initiated by the American Association of State Boards of Counseling and the American Counseling Association. This is perhaps our most important and most demanding initiative since the passage of our licensure law in 1988. The success of this initiative is critical to open up employment and reimbursement opportunities for LPC’s as well as to enhance the possibility that LPC’s moving to other states will be eligible for licensure in those states. Funding this initiative presents a unique challenge as it goes beyond the scope of our current budget. ITS SUCCESS IS DEPENDENT UPON YOUR HELP!! First, if you are not a member, please join now. If your membership has lapsed please renew.

Also, we have established a special fund to support this initiative. We are asking each of you to donate $100 to this fund to help pay for lobbying and other expenses that will be incurred. We hope that you will agree this is a small price to pay to secure the future of our profession!
Over the last few years we have made some exciting and important gains for our profession. We have secured BCBSM and Medicaid reimbursement. We are currently working hard to make certain that counselors can bill for all testing codes. We are working closely with NBCC to promote Medicare inclusion for counselors. You will be hearing more about this soon as will need your help in contacting your Representative in Congress and our Senators to accomplish this.

We have never before asked you to contribute beyond paying your dues. In the last 28 years, since the passage of our licensure law, we have never done anything so important to the future of our profession! We are counting on you to make it happen!