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Fighting 30 years to counter efforts to limit our license!

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Our License and Scope are being challenged by the State!

The Problem:

Our LLPC/LPC credential that allows us to practice has recently come under vigorous attack, mostly around the ability to diagnose.  Even though the Attorney General’s office has ruled several times over the last 30 years that we have the legal approval to diagnose (as stated in our Scope of Practice), the most recent internal opinion has determined otherwise.

Instead, the State has declared that if we don’t pass a bill to codify our ability to diagnose, it will be removed from our scope of practice. In fact, LARA has already initiated administrative actions to do so. Additionally, other elements including portability and supervision standards will be weakened.  We must take swift action to ensure our LLPC/LPC credential remains intact.

MMHCA has worked tirelessly on behalf of Michigan counselors.  But now, we need your help!

The Solution:

MMHCA nearly succeeded last year. House Bill 5776 passed overwhelmingly in both the Michigan House and Senate and only fell through in the final hours of the 2018 legislative lame duck session.  We are reintroducing this legislation now, and because of the strong support we have built in both the House and Senate for our profession, we have a great opportunity to pass this into law this year. But, in order to accomplish this doable task, we need your help to defray the cost of lobbying and fast!

It costs about $30,000 per year to both move our bill through and to address other vital issues related to securing our LLPC/LPC credential. MMHCA has shouldered this expense in the past, but we need your support to continue. Here is what you can do to help now:


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  • We are persistent.
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