Network Clinical Trainer Position Open in Jackson

Lifeways Community Mental Health has an open position available for a Network Clinical Trainer. This position plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, delivers and oversees training activities within LifeWays and its provider network. Plans, develops, and implements training program content within the goals, objectives, and philosophies of LifeWays to increase skill and knowledge level of staff. Works to incorporate best clinical practices in all areas of training completed. Participates in design and implementation of training programs developed by the agency. Develops clinical training as needed to ensure agency and provider network standards.

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HR 82 Mental Health Awareness Month

A resolution to declare May 2019 as Mental Health Awareness Month in the state of Michigan.
Voice vote
Reps. Whiteford, Calley, Cherry, Chirkun, Clemente, Crawford, Garza, Gay-Dagnogo, Haadsma, Hood, Hope, Cynthia Johnson, Jones, Kahle, Kuppa, Liberati, Pagan, Rendon, Sabo, Shannon, Sneller, Sowerby, Stone, Webber, Wittenberg and Witwer offered the following resolution:
House Resolution No. 82.
A resolution to declare May 2019 as Mental Health Awareness Month in the state of Michigan.
Whereas, The month of May is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month by Mental Health America and its affiliates; and
Whereas, One in five adults in the United States have a mental health condition and half of those have a co-occurring substance use disorder; and
Whereas, Tens of thousands of Michigan residents live with mental and behavioral health illnesses every year and many of them struggle to get the care they need; and
Whereas, In any given year, around 336,000 adults in Michigan are documented as having a serious mental illness and 84,000 adolescents experience a major depressive episode with only 44% of all individuals receiving some form of treatment; and
Whereas, Recognizing the need for reform, the House of Representatives convened the bi-partisan House C.A.R.E.S. (Community Access Resources and Safety) Task Force in 2017 to discuss our state’s mental health system; and
Whereas, The House C.A.R.E.S. Task Force Report was published in January 2018 and contained several recommendations to better connect the state’s residents with access to care, treatment, and prevention to improve their quality of life; and
Whereas, Of these many recommendations, the report looked at addressing treatment and prevention in our jails and judicial system, training for individuals to recognize a mental health crises, expanding opportunities for individuals to be connected with care, filling the shortage of mental health providers, delivering care early to adolescents, and ensuring our veterans are connected with services; and
Whereas, The Michigan House of Representatives will continue to reduce the stigmatization of mental illness and work toward providing quality services to those that are living with mental health disorders and addictions; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body declare May 2019 as Mental Health Awareness Month in the state of Michigan.

Senator Stabenow Announces Bill to Expand Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Funding

Senator Stabenow introduced bipartisan legislation last week to renew and expand funding for community mental health and addiction services.

“About one in five people is affected by mental illness, and drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. These disorders do not discriminate. They affect each of us – our parents, our veterans, our friends, and our children,” said Senator Stabenow. “Our Excellence in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Act is an important first step in getting more people the care they need at clinics close to home.”

Watch the announcement of the bill here.

“Important information for all counselors”
Please let Senator Stabenow that as an LLPC/LPC you support this legislation.
Copy on your support.

Hiring Counselors in West Michigan

Amplified Life is recruiting licensed counselors to join its expanding Counseling & Coaching Practice.
* Licensed mental health practitioner (LLPC, LPC, LP, LMSW) * Additional training in Life Coaching preferred * Commitment to developing a full caseload of counseling and coaching clients, e.g., (minimum of 20 client hours per week) * Interest in participating in a variety of income generating roles.

Compensation: All counselors and coaches are employees of Amplified Life and are paid a W2 wage in accordance with hours of service provided by practitioner. Counseling services are reimbursed at $35 per hour. Other services such as coaching, telephone support, and behavioral health writing are reimbursed at varying rates.  This is an employer-model. This means, Amplified Life practitioners receive a weekly paycheck (payroll) based on hours worked in a given pay period.  Practitioners are also provided with access to counseling / coaching rooms, scheduling / reception services, use of practice management app (Therapy Notes), practice billing services, and professional liability insurance.

Inquiries:  Please send an email with CV / Resume and letter of interest to:  Amy Zeilenga, Executive Assistant | 616-499-4711 |

Company Information:
Amplified Life Network was established in 2012.  Amplified Life is a Christian organization as reflected in its organizational leadership, principles and values.  It is committed to meeting others where they’re at with respect to their faith and values.  Amplified Life values diversity and leads with evidence-based practices.  Amplified Life’s team of 8 practitioners currently serve individuals and organizations throughout West Michigan.  Office-based counseling and coaching services are provided at its historic, private and wooded, 4 acre setting in the heart of Byron Center, right down the street from the U of M Metro Health Village.

Rep. Miller’s plan clarifies scope of practice for Michigan counselors

State Rep. Aaron Miller, of Sturgis, has introduced a measure to update and clarify counseling practices under Michigan law.

Miller said updates are needed to ensure the law reflects the actual scope of practice and training of licensed professional counselors, and to be consistent with wording in the Board of Counseling’s Administrative Rules.

This measure would be the first update to this law since it was enacted 30 years ago.

“Current statute is outdated and does not accurately reflect what is practiced by counselors today,” Miller said. “This plan brings Michigan law up to date.”

The most notable issue is whether counselors are able to provide diagnosis and psychotherapy. Miller’s bill clarifies the current counseling techniques and includes psychotherapy and diagnosis in Michigan law.

The bill was referred to the House Health Policy Committee for consideration.


Professional Counselor Renewal Reminder from LARA

This is a reminder that the Bureau of Professional Licensing (BPL) within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has transitioned to online renewal for all of its licensing programs. This was done to provide efficiencies and improve customer service.

Below are important dates to remember:

1.  February 22, 2019 – Licensed professionals began renewing licenses online.

2.  May 31, 2019 – Licensed professionals who have not renewed by this date will expire.

3.  June 1, 2019 to July 30, 2019 60 day grace period deadline for renewal, where licensed Professionals may renew their license past the expiration date but will have to pay an additional late fee of $20.

Since we have moved to online renewals, please consider the following:

1.  You may renew your license at

2.  If you have a name change provide in writing your previous name and new name prior to renewing online and send to:

                        a.; OR

                        b.  BPL-LARA, Licensing Division
                             PO Box 30670
                             Lansing, MI 48909

To review other requirements for renewing your license, please visit our website at  Should you have specific questions regarding this email communication or have further questions please contact our office at 517-241-0199 or email to


Licensing Division

Bureau of Professional Licensing

Tell Congress to Support Medicare Coverage of Counselors!

Legislation has been introduced to allow counselors to participate in Medicare. NBCC needs your help to get this legislation passed! Contact your legislators TODAY and ask them to co-sponsor the Mental Health Access Improvement Act (S. 286/H.R. 945). Support from counselors like you is crucial to getting this legislation passed. Please use the link below to call and email your senators and representatives and tell them why this legislation is so important. NBCC’s Government and Legislative Affairs Department has created draft messages for you, but we strongly urge you to add your personal experiences with this issue to be more effective.  It only takes a few minutes of your time and your support can make a significant impact on the profession! Thank you for your assistance!  TAKE ACTION!