AMHCA Launches New Professional Development Certifications




AMHCA Now Offers Qualified Clinical Mental Health Counselors Three Professional Development Certifications


Certification – Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialist

The AMHCA Specialist certification recognizes licensed professionals who achieve expertise in one or more specializations. It attests to specialist training beyond the master’s degree and includes specialist clinical supervision and experience in one or more of these counseling areas: Child and Adolescent; Couples and Family; Developmental and Learning Disabilities; Geriatric; Integrated Behavioral Health Care; Military; Substance Use and Co-occurring Disorders; and Trauma.



Certification – Diplomate in Advanced Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practice

The AMHCA Diplomate certification recognizes licensed professionals in general practice. It attests to demonstrated, superior qualification to practice independently through continuing professional development as an advanced practice clinician.



Certification – Fellow in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Education and Research

The AMHCA Fellow recognizes licensed professionals who are engaged in graduate education in university mental health counseling programs or doing the equivalent of university-level research in mental health counseling-related areas of study.

Find out more about how and why these certifications were created by reading our press release.

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