Advocacy Kit: Social Media – Call for Public Action


Counselor Call To Action

Social Media – Call for Public Action

#ACTIONALERT: The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) is proposing legislative changes to the scope of practice rules for LPCs that would greatly impact the state’s 10,000 counselors and 150,000+ clients who we serve.


You can voice your opposition to the rule changes by emailing LARA at:

You can also sign the petition opposing these changes and supporting HB 4325:

Find your Representative:
Find your Senator:

Go to for email content templates and updates on the progress of HB 4325.

#YESvoteHB4325 #NOtoLARARuleChangesForLPCs #CounselorsAdvocate #MMHCA

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Follow HB 4325’s Progress here:

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