A Counseling Bill is going to the US Congress on March 23rd. Immediate Action Needed!

Urgent news every counselor needs to know!

A Federal Counseling Bill is going to the US Congress on Friday March 23rd.

Immediate Action Needed!

We need your response to get this Medicare Bill passed.

Please send an email to your legislators supporting Medicare Inclusion of LLPC/LPC’s.

The federal budget is a top priority on Capitol Hill, and mental health and addictions funding is in the spotlight. Congress is seeking to develop an omnibus budget bill by March 23rd.

Congress is currently considering legislation to fund the federal government and it is important that S.1879 / H.R.3032 be included in any package. There is still time to contact your legislators ASAP and tell them that language authorizing mental health counselors to serve as Medicare providers should be part of any federal funding bill. If you have already sent an email, please be sure to call, tweet, and write a Facebook message to your legislators as well.

There are limited opportunities during each Congress to pass our Medicare legislation, so please make your voice heard.

Contact your legislators TODAY and tell them to include our Medicare legislation, S.1879 / H.R.3032, in the Federal Omnibus Appropriations Bill. Please feel free to personalize the message, focusing on your experience providing mental health and addiction services to the elderly and disabled. It only takes a few minutes of your time and your advocacy can have a significant impact on the profession.





Sample Letter

Email to your legislator in the U.S. House and in the U.S. Senate.

I am writing to request that your office include H.R.3032 / S.1879 in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill. I provide counseling services in Michigan. The needs are great and most smaller towns, rural areas, and elderly are highly underserved in addition this legislation will help combat Opioid and mental health challenges by authorizing mental health counselors to serve Medicare beneficiaries.  Many counties have no mental health or addictions professionals other than mental health counselors. Please include S.1879 / H.R.3032 in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill.

Thank you for your support.


Personal stories of clients not being served or underserved is very helpful.

  1. Please thank US Senator Stabenow for her co-sponsorship for LPC included in Senate Bill (S. 1879)
  2. Ask US Senator Gary Peters to sign on as a sponsor of S. 1879.

Send an email to your member of the US House of Representative

  1. Identify your US House of Representative District. Ask your Representative to sign on as a sponsor of H.R. 3032 and/or support this legislation.
  2. The two US Representative that need to hear from you are Rep. Bishop and Rep. Upton. Ask them to be co-sponsors of H.R. 3032

If your legislator sends a personal reply to you, please forward that to me at: jamesblundo@att.net.

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